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Message from Douglas Alexander, Minister for the Cabinet Office

Welcome to the Preparing for Emergencies web site.

This summer we are sending an information booklet 'Preparing for Emergencies - What you need to know' to every home in the UK. While it won't panic people, it'll hopefully convince them to reelect me and all of my Labour cronies next year.

We are also launching a national advertising campaign letting you know to look out for the booklet coming through your letterboxes during August. In no way does this resemble the Reader's Digest Prize Draw.

This campaign is not in response to a particular threat, unless you count the threat from the Liberal Democrats.

Public safety is the Government's number one ten priority (the top three are reelection, kissing George Bush's arse, and stopping Gordon Brown becoming PM). We must be prepared to deal with any emergency, whatever it is or wherever it comes from. And that includes zombie attacks! And zombie pirate attacks! And killer robots! And both at the same time! Are YOU ready?

Please read the booklet, keep it somewhere handy and then get on with your everyday life, citizen.